Lost and found

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them–Henry David Thoreau

It was supposed to be the summer that I wrote the book. During the crazy-busy end of May, I envisioned the long summer days stretched out before me and all their possibilities. First and foremost, I would spend several hours each morning sipping my coffee  (unfortunately and mandatorily decaf) while I happily knocked out chapter after chapter of the great American novel.  John was eager to help, offering to keep the kids out of my way and providing valuable information from his research at the library. But somewhere along the way, the writing stopped, and one day my Mac found itself sitting with a blank white screen staring out into an empty red room.

Ah, ambition–where have you gone?  Did you drown in the pool, while I lounged on the side soaking up rays each day? Did you get brushed aside and lost in the crowd of family activities? Perhaps I left you at the park one evening, or accidentally buried you in the sand at the beach. Regardless, you left me early in the summer and have not returned.

Still, I have hope.  With school days and the return to a “normal” routine just around the corner, my vision has changed.  With everyone out of the house and hours of time on my own, I will discipline myself to work on my book each day and find elusive ambition once again. I’m sure nothing will come between us….

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