Whenever I hear Natalie Merchant’s “These are the days” I immediately hear a deep voice in my head (aka Macdonald Carey) say, “and so are the days of our lives.”  It’s not like I even watch soap operas, or could ever have claimed to be an addict, but if you were alive at all during the 80’s then you know who Bo and Hope are, and probably the name of everyone’s favorite Irish pub in Salem.

I learned everything I ever needed to know about “Days of Our Lives” as a child in my grandmother’s kitchen. I can vividly remember sitting at the counter, eating my pimiento cheese sandwhich and waiting patiently for the commercial so I could ask for more Sprite.  My grandmother would say, “Just a second, sugie,” (that’s grandmother speak for sugar), “my story is on and I want to hear this part.”  Who could blame her, really? The plot was always thick with murder, revenge, unrequited love, characters with amnesia, and the required damsel in distress trapped in a cave and/or buried alive. Such an incredible amount of drama makes my life pale in comparison. Or does it?

I’m well aware that my life is not a soap opera. I frequently complain that I’m bored and I’m not nearly as busy as the next crazy woman. It’s just that sometimes it seems like a soap opera; mostly in a funny way. Like last week when my ocd son, who in a classic juxtaposition of symptoms is both a germaphobe and a chronic hoarder, spent an entire doctor’s visit standing so as to avoid any germs on the office chairs. The irony came when he sneezed and needed a tissue. The first tissue he grabbed fell on the floor, thus rendering it too germy to use, but based on his hoarding he felt compelled to keep it. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry at his dilemma because it encapsulated the drama of his everyday life so perfectly. 

That alone might qualify me for my own role in a daytime drama, but I’ve got more on my resumé. Who doesn’t feel like they’re filming their own soap opera at times? But whether it’s Natalie Merchant Macdonald Carey, or just your favorite self-help book, the saying rings true: These are the days. And the thing to do is embrace them. Enjoy them. Because, in the end we don’t get to flip the hour-glass over. And, really, it’s all good.

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  1. Teresa Williams

    I should tell you that your blog makes me laugh, cry, and spit diet coke all over my keyboard. I hope you don’t mind that I added a link to it on my FB page. These delights should be shared. 🙂