Mad Men

We don’t have cable, so I missed out on the whole “Sex in the City” craze. It got old listening to everyone rave about ‘this week’s episode’ and having no idea why Carrie should or should not go back to Mr. Big.  That’s why when I noticed everyone on Twitter talking about the newest must see show, Mad Men (on AMC), I started thinking maybe we should get cable just so we could acquire functional party conversation. But when I walked into Scout Antiques wearing a new dress and owner Jeff remarked, “You are straight off the set of Mad Men,” that was the last straw. I promptly logged on to NetFlix and ordered the entire first season.  After all, it IS about an advertising agency.

I thought it would be a great way to pass the boring January nights. I had no idea how much we’d get into it!  From the very first show we were hooked; or as John would say, “Draperized.”  And it’s not just because one look at Don Draper makes me go weak in the knees and forget the definition of feminism. It’s also the excellent clothes, the constant flow of cocktails, and the witty conversation. Most of all, it’s the mid-century modern furniture that I love.

That’s why today, which was payday for me (which by definition just means a few checks from clients came in the mail at the same time), we took a portion of the money and went shopping for a Mad Men look of our own. And it’s also why, although a few months ago I was blogging about the big farm table I would like to buy, today I am the proud owner of a 1959 Mid Century Modern Kitchen table and chairs. Sitting down to dinner tonight felt just like sitting in on a pitch at Sterling Cooper. Oh, and for the record, Don Draper’s got nothing on my dinner date.


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2 responses to “Mad Men

  1. Jason

    Congrats on the new gear (and on the recent payday)! 🙂

  2. Jamie

    seriously,not just blogging, kitchen tables deserve a page in your ’09 history book; and I find out in your blog-not awesome. I’m coming over tomorrow to see it!