Team Colors

I know I’m not supposed to say this, especially on Super Bowl Sunday, but I’m not a big fan of watching sports on television. It’s not that I dislike watching, it’s just that I won’t go out of my way to watch a game.

I like to play sports (although, only in a back yard, non-competitive way), and I’m a classic Fair Weather Fan. I’ve enjoyed watching UK Basketball this year, but mostly because they put on quite a show and almost always win. But still, we don’t have cable television, so if the game isn’t on a local station, we go about our usual business.

One problem with being a take it or leave it fan (especially in this town), is wearing team colors on game day. I usually find out there is a game on when I notice that 3/4 of the population at Kroger are wearing UK sweatshirts. In some sad twist of fate, not only am I NOT wearing blue, but I am usually wearing the opposing team’s colors. This extends to my kids who have been sent to school wearing red or orange on “Blue/White day” on more than one occasion. We do own clothing in our team’s colors–I just don’t usually have the forethought to wash it for game day.

There are exceptions to my apathy for sports. For instance, I love to tailgate for football games. But don’t offer me tickets because I don’t want to go in the actual game. I just want to eat and drink and hang out with my friends on a beautiful day. And I’m really looking forward to getting together with neighbors for the Super Bowl today. Only, I’ll probably just be watching the commercials and eating the snacks. I did take the initiative to find out who’s playing in the game today; But it’s not like I’m going to go change my clothes if I’m wearing the wrong color.

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