The Dave Ramsey blues

I loved Dave Ramsey’s book, Total Money Makeover and the suggestions he gave for achieving lasting financial peace. John and I have always lived a comfortable, but what might be considered a frugal lifestyle by others. Honestly, what choice do we have, given the three kids and a single income? Like anyone, we make mistakes from time to time; We eat out too much or we buy something we didn’t really need. Still, I was feeling pretty good about how we’ve managed to get where we are and going without some of the things we’d really love to have. (Like that new vacuum I mentioned in an earlier post. Still get all teary when I think of the suction that thing must have)

Saving money does feel good, or so I like to tell myself as I make my way precariously across town in the ghetto van, hoping no one else at the stop light notices that the screeching noise is coming from my vehicle. “It’s paid for. It’s paid for. It’s paid for,” I chant, hoping that will somehow keep the car from stalling.  I won’t even go in to the aesthetic beauty of the ghetto van. Either you’ve already seen it in all it’s banged-up gray splendor or you can create your own mental image simply based on the name. You get the point: It’s u-g-l-y.

And then one day we saw the commercial on t.v:  Zero percent interest on a new car!  Well, we did say we would replace the ghetto van with a new car once we had made our last preschool payment. And we’ll make our last preschool payment next month. Where did 5 years go? It seems too good to be true. I  have loathed this mini van since the day I traded the keys to my adorable Honda Civic for this…this…MomMobile.  The only thing that got me through the last five years, besides not having a car payment, was knowing that when Cate finished preschool I could buy a new car. Alleluia the day is here!

So why am I resisting? Why does a tiny voice inside me say I should keep on driving the ghetto van until it falls over on its side in a miserable exhausted death? That I should save the preschool money; put it in the bank for a rainy day. (maybe use a little of it on a new vacuum)

Oh wait, that’s not my voice I hear–It’s Dave Ramsey. Damn you Dave Ramsey and all your sensible money talk! I was THIS close to driving a car that would not scare the teachers in the car line.


(Note: at this time a final decision on a new car has not been made, although I am obviously leaning toward hoarding my money and continuing to drive the ghetto van. If we do buy a new car, my next post will include a link where donations can be made toward my fast food fund)


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2 responses to “The Dave Ramsey blues

  1. Angie

    If you need someone to counsel you against buying a new car, I’m your woman (and Bryan’s your man). I think he wants to have t-shirts made that say, “We’ve never had a car payment.” And I will ride in the ghetto van with pride, any day! That said, if you do buy a new car, please come pick me up so I can see what that “new car smell” is really like. Good luck with the decision!

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