Spring Cleaning

Maybe it’s the warm weather, or maybe it’s an upward trend in the economy, but a lot of businesses are re-vamping their websites right now. It’s terrific for me, since part of that includes freshening or rewriting the text, and I am suddenly very busy with work after a long, decidedly unlucrative Winter.

It never fails that whenever my freelance work picks up, I suddenly have an intense desire to clean my house. I’m sure it is just an avoidance tactic on my part, but I’ve always done my best work under pressure, so procrastination is actually a good thing. As a bonus, my house is officially undergoing a true “Spring Cleaning.” Well, sort of.

To add more pressure, and ensure that my clients receive my absolute creative best (again, the busier I am, the better I work), I offered to host Easter this year. Now at least my cleaning has a purpose. Sadly, despite having made 3 different check lists (I love to make lists), I haven’t actually cleaned anything yet. One morning, while trying to avoid writing a website about bankruptcy law, I found a helpful little “Spring Cleaning Tips” sheet in a magazine and decided to follow it as a guide. “Start in your closet,” it proposed, and so I headed dutifully to my closet. While I was in there I found my summer clothes in storage and started to dream about our annual trip to the beach. Cate joined me and tried on all my sandals and pretty soon we found ourselves surrounded by a multicolored tornado that in no way resembled the picture of a newly cleaned closet in the magazine.

Perhaps we’d have better luck in a different room. The kitchen seemed like an excellent place to start, but we were overwhelmed by a desire to bake brownies, and then we decided that really, the kitchen would always be a mess, as long as we continued to be humans and need food.

Feeling somewhat guilty about ignoring the part of my job that actually pays, I situated myself back in front of the computer. Only, it occurred to me that my computer files could really use a Spring Cleaning themselves.  So I set to organizing and deleting files like my housekeeping skills were going to be judged by the beauty of my desktop storage instead of the grime on my floors.  Later, I stood up from my desk proud and disoriented. What had I come into my office for anyway? I couldn’t really remember…

But don’t worry, as soon as I get a handle on this Spring Cleaning, I’m sure I’ll get something done.


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2 responses to “Spring Cleaning

  1. a

    Your spring cleaning skills resemble mine, which is why I announced the “12 rooms in 12 months” project on my blog today. Technically, it can’t be considered spring cleaning, as it continues through the other three seasons, but still….it’s something. Care to join me? Procrastination loves company!

    • copynoll

      Oh, I like the way you think. I just read your blog on this and I am ready to take the oath. 🙂