Lunch Garden

We’re all hovered over the compost bin at our house, waiting breathlessly to see what happens to our newest addition to our homemade soil: the SunChips bag. Yes, you read that correctly: we put a discarded chip bag in our compost bin. As part of the American ingenuity that makes this country so fascinating, SunChips has figured out a way to make their packaging compostable and says so right on the front of their product. This, of course, was all my dear husband needed to conjure up hours of good clean (umm, dirty?) fun.

I’m already looking forward to next Spring when we spread the remnants of our lunch all over the flower beds as mulch. Last Fall we put our Halloween pumpkins in the compost and already this Spring we have tiny pumpkin plants sprouting next to the tulips. Will we have little gardens of cheddar chips flourishing this time next year?  Only time will tell. Honestly, who wouldn’t love that?  In the meantime, John has distracted himself with installing our very first rain barrel in the back yard. Once we have our resident artists (3 kids) decorate it, I think it will become a more positive conversation piece for the neighbors. (Currently they are reduced to staring because things like rain barrels and bourbon barrels–we have one of those, too– seem to have that effect on our suburban friends).

With our new healthy eating habits in place, there is a lot of compostable material on hand. Soon we will need multiple compost bins, and multiple gardens where we can spread our nutrient rich mulch. But that’s okay, because John also loves to garden (have I mentioned our famed “English Garden”?) The most important thing is that all of this provides hours of entertainment to a man who certainly deserves all the joy life can give. Of course, if there’s anyone else out there wishing for a SunChip garden, we’re happy to share.

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