Life Raft

My friend Erin’s Facebook status said it all today: “Just keep swimming…just keep swimming.”

Swimming. Summer break. Sunshine and relaxation. Ahhhh…  That’s what I should be thinking about on the last day of school, but it’s not quite working out like that. Instead, today I share Erin’s feelings that I just need to keep treading water the best I can, lest I drown in the chaos.

It was bad enough that I had to schedule a doctor’s appointment for Henry in the middle of the very last day of school. But it was the only time I could get an appointment that included the x-ray technician and I’m more than ready to get this “sore back” issue resolved. My neighbor and I worked out a swap, where I watch her little girl this morning while she attends a school function, and then she watches Cate while I take Henry to the doctor. With work to finish and a house that looks like an F-4 came through last night, this was already enough to have on my plate for the day. But it was fine. It was all good.

And then Cate threw up.

I had to laugh. Isn’t it a requirement of motherhood that either everything must happen all at once or nothing will happen at all? Much of the time I’m either waiting in agony for something to happen (kids go to sleep, dryer to finish, last day of school to arrive) or I’m scrambling like a mad woman trying to keep up (today would be an excellent example). A good training program for expecting parents would be to drop them right in the middle of a Red Cross Disaster minutes after it occurs. ‘Okay, using only what you have on your person right now, make this all better. Now…Go!’

While I cleaned up Cate I listened with one ear for the phone to ring. Surely Thomas would like to get in this mix with some sort of problem. Maybe there’s a panic-inducing impromptu school fire drill today? But no. After hastily posting my drama to my Facebook status, the only phone calls I’m getting are offers to help. And that is how we mothers do it; we keep on swimming, as Erin said, but we also use our life rafts–good friends who are always there to listen and encourage.

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