I am not usually superstitious. Believe me, I’ve tried the theory about stepping on the sidewalk cracks, and my mother’s back is still perfectly fine. My grandmother has been trying for years to convince me to get out of bed backward chanting, “rabbit, rabbit” on the 1st day of every month, but I just don’t think that’s really going to help me win the lottery. (what? you’ve never heard of “rabbit, rabbit”?)

So I didn’t even know it was Friday the 13th until I checked my online calendar when I got to work. If I was superstitious at all, I would have known way before that, simply by the way my day was going.

It started with Henry having a possible fever. It might not seem like a debatable topic, given that thermometers use an unbiased system of numbers to measure degrees. However since we have never owned a thermometer (and yes, I realize this is blasphemy coming from a mother of three) and we use the “yes his head feels hot” system, it was indeed up for debate. He seemed pretty perky to me, so off we went to school.

And then Cate wouldn’t get out of the car in the drop off line. Now, seriously, I’m sure I’m not the first mom of a kindergartener to have this happen, but what are you supposed to do when they won’t budge? I thought maybe one of the more athletic teachers would come to my aid, but only me and Ms. H were there trying to pry her out of the booster seat. It just wasn’t happening. And if Cate wasn’t getting out, then no way was Henry getting out. They are, after all, practically conjoined twins.  “Fine,” I thought, “I’ll deal with this later.” But first I had to drive halfway downtown to drop off Thomas, because otherwise he would be late for school, too. And he was the only one who wanted to go to school! I put the extra drive time to good use and gave the twin monsters a talking to, although I’m sure all they heard from the backseat was similar to the nonsense language used by Charlie Brown’s Mom, “wha wat wha wat woh.”

By the time we got back to their school, they were more than game to walk obediently inside. But at some point Cate must have changed her mind–maybe I wasn’t scary enough in the car–because when we got to her classroom she totally freaked out. I’m talking climb your mommy’s dress, screaming and kicking, freaking out. It took two teachers (bless them) to pull her off of me so I could leave. Classic good times! Good thing I was wearing wrinkle free polyester.

So now I’m really late to work, which means I’ll need to shorten my lunch out of guilt. And as I’m sitting at my desk feeling sorry for myself (and discovering that it’s Friday the 13th), I get an email from Henry’s teacher saying that he does indeed have a temperature. hmmm

Luckily, and this is the only place luck was involved today, my parents were home and able to rescue poor Henry. Downside: ( and by that I mean nightmare, as in Friday the 13th the movie) My parents are now alone in my house with Henry, free to roam about and discover as they please.

Based on my luck so far, I think it stands to reason that the decaf coffee I bought to cheer myself up is most likely NOT decaf.

Think I’ll just back out of the room real slowly now….”rabbit, rabbit”…..”rabbit, rabbit”

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