The most wonderful time of the year; No, Really.

My favorite day of the year, right behind my birthday and Christmas (and no, definitely NOT Mother’s Day), is November 1st.  (By the way, I was totally going to post this on November 1, but I was too busy celebrating. I’m sure you know by now, that means bourbon was involved. Well, I did dress up as Willie Nelson for Halloween…)

I usually greet the day after Halloween with shouts of joy because, well, I really dislike Halloween. (Dressing up as Willie Nelson was an exception.) What few Halloween decorations I actually allow in my home are whisked away before the kids can finish breakfast, which is usually candy and milk because, let’s face it, the fastest way to get rid of all that pesky candy is have them eat it!

Speaking of candy–I can usually make a slight allowance for the purpose of Halloween based on the leftover chocolate, but this year I can’t eat candy (yes, I’m complaining about my braces, again), so Halloween is officially stupid. Even the “Great Pumpkin” special was a big disappointment this year because some TV executive thought it was a good idea to update the classic and advertise the special in TV promos where Charlie Brown sounds more like a rap musician and actually uses the expression, “Dude.”

Okay, okay. I know some of you have already stopped reading or are actually screaming at my blog. How could I be such a Halloween Grinch? Lots of people I know really get into Fall and decorating with hay bales and scarecrows and pumpkins, but that’s just not my thing. Don’t even think about dragging me into stores like Garden Ridge this time of year; I will actually break out in hives. If you have a Fall birthday, I can see why you might like the season and I forgive you (sort of).

Honestly, in my opinion, the only redeeming quality of Fall is Keeneland and pumpkin pie, which I consume liberally from September to March. Another reason I get so giddy about November 1, is that once the Halloween decorations come down, it’s only a matter of time until the Christmas ones go up. (Except at the mall, where they have been up for weeks already)

And, yes, I’m one of those freaks who starts listening to Christmas music on Nov. 1. This is a recent development, though; I only started doing that a few years back. I think it has something to do with the fact that the older I get, the more time seems to be spinning out of control. “Less than two months until Christmas? I better start now or I will never make it through all the holiday options on Pandora!”

So, if you really can’t stand how early all this Christmas stuff starts, now it’s your turn to rant. But try not to be such a Grinch!

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