Ghost Stories & Peanut Butter Kisses

From Reverb10: December 6 – Make. What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it?


I made a ghost costume for my oldest. He has always been sort of anti-Halloween (I wonder where he gets that from? See:  my rant on Halloween) But seriously, there have been years that he wouldn’t even put on a costume. After the trauma of 2003, when he refused to participate in Halloween at all, I have been understandably obsessed with finding THE costume he will agree to wear. (See, it’s that whole first born child thing–if one of my other kids decided to ignore a holiday, I’d just shrug. It’s the first time that freaks you out. And besides, he was my only kid at that point, so I was overly focused. Oh, and he was two years old–which basically explains the entire incident.)

Given that background, when I heard that my kid would be happy to wear a costume and actually go trick or treating like a normal child, if only he had an old-fashioned, plain white ghost costume, I went on a frantic search for my needle and thread. White sheet, gray thread, a pair of scissors and a tense hour later, I had created the most awesome (not really, but humor me) classic ghost costume since Charlie Brown wore his with the five eye holes on The Great Pumpkin special. And not only did my kid wear it, he even accepted candy at a few houses, although I’m pretty sure I eventually ate it all for him.

So what will I make next?

Last night my sister asked me to find an old candy recipe that belonged to our late grandmother, Anne. I lived in Anne’s house (on Henry Clay Blvd) after she moved out and during the clearing out stage, I had grabbed some of her old recipes–mainly the ones that I remembered making with her as a child. While I was typing up the recipe to email to my sister Jamie, I recalled being in my grandmother’s kitchen with Jamie, while my grandmother showed us how to make her delicious chocolate walnut fudge, her peanut butter kisses and more.The best thing about my grandmother Anne was that she would basically let us eat the entire time we cooked, so that we were stuffed and covered in peanut butter and sugar by the end of the cooking session.

The University of Kentucky has graciously given us Dec. 21-Jan. 3rd off to celebrate the holidays. So on Dec. 21st, I plan to be in my kitchen–showing my own children how to make peanut butter kisses. And, let’s face it, probably eating most of it along the way.

What will you make next?


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2 responses to “Ghost Stories & Peanut Butter Kisses

  1. Um… I’m right down the street if you have any peanut butter kisses left over. Or need a taste-tester. I’ll bring wine!