“Turn Out the Lights…”

“Turn out the lights; the party’s over. And tomorrow starts the same old thing again.”–Willie Nelson

John and I used to play that song the very last thing before bed–back in the days on Henry Clay Boulevard when the kids were small and the days were long. Think: three kids, age 4 and under. (Come on, I know you want to hear me whine about this again.)

But honestly, that song, along with a collection of Willie Nelson, (and yes, a tiny bit of bourbon) helped us relax after the long, long days.  It was so fitting. Whether it was a weeknight, filled with baths, diapers, and kids running everywhere, which could sometimes seem like a frat party gone wrong–or a weekend, where real partying had actually occurred (we called them ‘concerts’, but I’d be in trouble if I gave any more details)–the idea that at some point you just have to “turn out the lights” and call it a night, always applied.

I was singing this Willie tune this morning because, let’s face it, January is tough. It’s hard to wake up every morning at 5:30 to the reality that it’s no longer Christmas break. It’s hard to turn out the lights every night knowing that tomorrow starts the same old thing again. Of course I love my job, and my kids, and my hokey little middle of the road existence (I’d mention how much I love John, but then I’d need several more pages and it might make you gag). I am very blessed. But sometimes (especially in the middle of January) it gets a little mundane.

I think it’s cute how we all make New Year’s Resolutions and pretend that this will be the year we change our lives. I didn’t make any resolutions this year. Instead I went slightly crazy making actual changes to my immediate life in some sort of mixed up effort to rebel against January and it’s cold, dark, routine boring-ness. (not a real word?)

First John and I bought a For Sale sign and stuck it in our front yard. No, we don’t have a “plan”, per say. We didn’t even have the forethought to use black ink on the sign. But we’ve been wanting to move and it seemed to me that the first logical step was to put out the sign. Take action.

Next I booked a 5 day trip to Disney, including a meal with Mickey Mouse and a trip inside Cinderella’s castle with a cast of royal princesses. I even went a step further and declared that we would fly down to Orlando this year, and to prove I wasn’t joking, I booked the flights.

Who knows what I might do to shake things up next. But I do know one thing: I may have to turn out the lights every night, and I may have to get up early every morning to do the same old thing again, but the party is not over. No way. I say it’s time to change January’s tune! Who’s with me?


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2 responses to ““Turn Out the Lights…”

  1. Wow, way to go for you! I have a couple of big ideas I want to pursue, but as always, $$ holds me back. Ironically enough, I want to try to eliminate some of the $$ worries, which potentially COULD (in the long run) be helped by these big ideas that would cost $$ to explore in the first place. Oh, the beginning-of-the-year brain flood of delusions of grandeur – or genius.

  2. Kristin

    Good for you! I say go for it, the sky’s the limit. 2011 is going to be great year!