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A funny thing happened in the bathroom stall at Rincon’s today. Don’t worry, I promise it’s not weird. Well, maybe a little weird, but not at all gross.

So, if you’ve ever been in the bathroom at Rincon’s on Euclid in Lexington, then you know that the stalls are teeny tiny. Seriously, they are so small. Today I was reminded of a funny moment when I was 9 months pregnant with some child (I really can’t remember–it was all a blur there in 04 & 05). I had gone into the stall to use the bathroom and once I was in I could not turn around to actually use the toilet. For real. I ended up having to back into the stall so that I would be facing the correct direction. Good times. Not at all mortifying. ha

But everything was different then. Which is the thought that was sparked by that memory as I left that same bathroom stall today. (Lucky you–to know what I think about in the bathroom at Rincon)

It’s been a common theme popping into my head lately. Sing along if you like: “to every season, turn turn turn…”  (and yes, I know that’s based on a Bible scripture but I’m Catholic so I’d have to look it up. You know what I mean, though)

It may have something to do with the fact that the kids found the collection of home videos that include 2003-2007, or as we like to call it “the Lost Years,” and we’ve been watching them over and over the last few days.

At any rate, I feel like I’ve turned some magic corner lately where my kids are no longer babies and are suddenly and irreversibly–KIDS. The other day I was dropping all the kids off at their various schools and the thought popped into my head–“well, off we go to the factory.”  And that’s what it’s like now.  It’s so strange how fast I went from lining them up on the bed for tandem diaper changes to lining their lunch boxes up on the counter for assembly line sandwich making.

And it’s okay. Because that’s where we are now. They’re kids now; not babies. I no longer have the “Journey to Ernie” song from Sesame Street playing on loop in my head. Instead I’m explaining long and short vowels and trying desperately to remember to carry my remainder in long division when I check homework.

The point is this: The baby, toddler and preschool years can seem so never-ending. And just when you think you will implode if you have to answer another “why” from your 3-year-old or spoon another exasperating bite of mashed sweet potatoes into your 6 month old’s mouth–poof!–the baby of the family is marching off to Kindergarten with plans that don’t include you. (and possibly a boyfriend named Alex–what?!?)

It can be a good thing; Seasons change. We have “kids” now, instead of babies. I don’t have to back into bathroom stalls or nudge John awake at 3 a.m. because it’s his turn to feed someone.  I can go to lunch in the middle of the day and I don’t have to take a sippy cup along.

So to all my friends who are still in the baby/toddler/preschool stage–I know it’s cliché, but try to enjoy these years. Because people are right (so annoying, but they are)–it goes by in the blink of an eye! And you know what–I’m sure this new stage will too. Just watch: in about 8 years I’ll be blogging about my teenagers and how they much I miss ballet practice and long division.

I’ll just keep taking plenty of video. Because as much as those baby/toddler/preschool years seemed like so much work at the time, when I look at the home video tapes now I see something else: It looks like we were having one hell of a good time.

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    Ah yes. Thank you.