I don’t like to brag, but it is a little known fact that I am  a lot like the t.v. character from the late 80’s television show, MacGyver. (No, no, not MacGruber from SNL–although sometimes things do blow up in my face)

Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the American action adventurer/hero, MacGyver. He is a resourceful agent able to solve complex problems with everyday materials he finds at hand and he prefers a non-violent resolution to fighting where possible. See the resemblance now? No?

Perhaps a few examples. Recently I was picking up my little ones in the car line at school and I noticed at the last-minute that I did not have the car tag. Thomas, who was with me, became very worried that they would give Henry & Cate to another family. (or maybe he was excited by the prospect–I can’t remember)  Anyway, not a problem. I channeled my inner MacGyver and in less than 10 minutes I constructed a fake car tag out items I found on the floor of my car: an oil change receipt, a piece of string and an ink pen. The attendant who helped my kids into the car was appropriately impressed, or at least, that’s what I gathered when he asked, “Did you just make that?”

Then there was today. I had an interview with the director of student affairs. It was warm and a great day to be walking across campus, but I wasn’t wearing appropriate shoes. Even a stop at the student center Starbucks was not helping my feet and I could feel blisters forming. I sat down on a bench and looked in my purse to see what I could come up with to solve the problem. Ink pen, iPhone, rubber bands for my braces, a granola bar–all useful items, but not going to help my feet. And then, ah ha!

Like any well prepared Girl Scout (or woman of a certain age) I had one lone feminine care item stuffed into the side pocket of my purse in case of emergency. (doesn’t even have to be my emergency–we all like to help a girlfriend out)  In no time at all I had configured the material into a cushioned band-aid of sorts for the inside of my shoe.Yes, you heard me. I used a panty liner to MacGyver my shoes so I could walk the rest of the way back to my office. And you know what–it worked really well!

My MacGyver-ness isn’t a new thing. John has been calling me that for years. When we first started dating, he would often marvel at the array of items I could produce out of thin air, because I refused to carry a big purse around like other girls. We’d play a game of tennis and then I’d casually pull some lip balm, and a dollar for the soda machine, out of my sock.

Admit it, you’re impressed. And you can totally see why he married me. It’s helpful to have an American action adventurer in the household.

Next post will be about the things I’ve blown up.

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  1. Indeed. Great minds DO think alike!