Full of crap

Last night, after the kids were all tucked in bed, and after I had talked to my mother-in-law twice about email (which I don’t mind), we retired to our usual spot in the “hot tub” (not a real hot tub, hence the quotes) with our beers.

It wasn’t a bucket of beers kind of night (because that would worry my friend Erin, who thinks we may drown), but just a regular end of the day, wind down and shoot the breeze weekday night. And for some reason, instead of talking about anything fun, our conversation kept coming back to our kids and their various non-issues, that for some reason turn into anxiety provoking issues of monstrous proportions because they happen to be MY kids.

I read an article about this just yesterday, and although I can’t be accused of trying to get my kids into any Ivy League schools, this particular week I can definitely relate to the “thinking about my kids all day long” part. (only this week, mind you; normally I think about sunny beaches, rainbows and gumdrops)  Check out the article: http://shar.es/3Ojln

John pointed out that we were being drags. (And he took equal responsibility, which was nice. He’s nice. Have I mentioned that?) We were being drags.

Still, yesterday was a big “kid” day, full of kid stuff.

  • I had a parent teacher conference for Thomas, where I went in convinced he had been discovered as a fraud and would soon be thrown out of the gifted & talented program, but came out, as always, dumbfounded by this enigma of a child. Crisis averted: He’s doing fine & we will not have to decide on another school for next year. Total waste of a sleepless night.
  • While I was at the conference, John took Henry, in his long-standing complicated relationship with food, back to the doctor to demand something for his acid reflux. I say demand because I think the doctor is grumpy and intimidating, so I like to imagine that John had to challenge him to a duel in order to get the prescription. Another x-ray proved that, yet again, Henry is literally full of crap, and that is causing all the belly aching, plus pressure that leads to acid reflux. Awesome! Those sleepless nights seem justified.
  • I think we may have mentioned something about Cate, but by the time we got to her we were too tired to worry, and also out of beer. The blessing and the curse of being third.

So there you have it: that’s what’s going on at the Noll house. Just your run of the mill kid crap. Nothing like some Disaster in Japan coverage on the Today Show to put it all in perspective. Decided that today I will not waste my energy worrying about my perfectly fine kids and instead devote that time to praying for people with real problems.

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  1. I love this post. Mainly because you just made me feel a lot more normal. 🙂