Disney: the gloom & doom version

If you saw the photos I posted on Facebook then you probably already know that we had a fabulous trip to Disney World over Spring Break. It was all very magical, full of endearing memories like this:

But of course, we are only human, and even Disney magic can’t make all the world’s misery disappear. Here’s what else happened on our trip, when we weren’t singing Zip-e-dee-doo-dah with Cinderella’s blue bird friends:

I’ll start at the very beginning, the day before our trip, when Cate woke up with a sore throat, which turned out to be Strep (sorry kids at the birthday party she attended Friday night). Luckily John volunteered to take her to the doc, because I honestly didn’t expect her to have Strep and I told her to “shake it off.” In fact, when I went to fill the prescription, our pharmacist didn’t even have her on record, because she has never had a prescription filled before!

Anyway, she is a spunky little thing, and she never complained once about being sick while we dragged her through airports and forced her to endure our fun-filled first day at Disney on Sunday.

Speaking of airports–issue number two involved Thomas’ fear of flying, which most of you know was causing me severe anxiety before our trip. It turns out, he did fine, and only mentioned twice on our way to the airport that he wasn’t going to get on the plane. In the end, we were all proud of how he conquered his fear and managed to avoid having a full blown panic attack. Honestly, I’m not sure which moment brought greater tears to my eyes–Thomas’ determination to not freak on the plane, or the night at Epcot when we caught him on video laughing and smiling with his siblings. This is my favorite photo from our trip:

For contrast, this is how he looks in all the other photos:

He’s adorable either way, in my opinion. Especially in that shirt.

But I’m getting ahead of myself–because before we took the smiling photo at Epcot–in fact, all day before–poor John was sick to his stomach in a major way. It turns out that I was right to be super paranoid about eating condiments that sit out in restaurants. And now, so is John. 🙂

By the time John started feeling better (with no bourbon in sight, he had to take the German beer cure), I started to feel a little tickle in my throat.Of course, I was the one Cate used as a human Kleenex when she didn’t feel good, so it was only a matter of time. And by the time we watched the fireworks over the castle for the last time Thursday night, I could barely stand.

There’s no need to play heroic music, but you should know that I was the definition of stoic and I only complained twice–give or take 500. But now, thanks to antibiotics (and yes, a little bit of bourbon for good measure), I am on my way to a full recovery from Strep and a double ear infection.

So there you have it–our magical trip to Disney, with a little dose of reality thrown in. All in all, though, I wouldn’t trade a moment. And I’m already planning our next trip for 2013!  Am I a Disney fanatic? Why yes, I think I am! Does that make me crazy? Why no, there are plenty of other reasons for that!

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