My Royal Mistake

So I have to admit, I wasn’t into this whole Royal Wedding thing. I mean, I wasn’t against it by any means, but I also wasn’t getting up at 4:00 in the morning to watch it.

It just so happened, however, that the Royal Family coordinated the wedding around my morning routine. And since it was on, and since I’m a total girl, I watched.

I was able to watch the bridal procession while I had a cup of coffee (yes, I know it should have been tea!). I watched them exchange vows while I had my breakfast. And I watched them wave from their horse-drawn carriage as I brushed my daughter’s hair.

But while I was rather nonchalant about this whole Royal Wedding thing, the princess at our house, our own Catherine Elizabeth, was rather impressed.

To be fair, we have built her up to this by our own fault. Think about it: we buy her big fluffy princess costumes to play dress up; we tell her she is a princess over and over; and then we point out that she has the same name as the bride who is marrying the PRINCE of England. And she’s five, so her sense of reality is skewed.

As I watched her eyes widen when she saw the dress, and witnessed her glee as the couple climbed into the horse-drawn carriage, I knew I was in big trouble. Quite possibly, I have created a Royal Family stalker. Soon she’ll be asking to subscribe to People magazine and talking about William & Kate as if they were casual acquaintances (like the rest of America.)

Her biggest concern as we were leaving for school was that she would  miss the Royal Kiss. My biggest concern is that she thinks this was an example of what her own wedding will be like.

Looks like letting her watch the wedding was a Royal Mistake. Time to break out the book about Hillary Clinton again. “Sweetie, you misunderstood. We said one day you could be President, not Princess.”

But I’ll be honest, either would be fine with me.


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2 responses to “My Royal Mistake

  1. Kate

    I regretted highlighting the princess in her pretty dress with such enthusiasm as soon as the words escaped my mouth. Luckily, Layney is only 2 and sure to forget.

  2. ha! yes, I was a horrible role model, saying the exact same things about the “pretty princess in her pretty dress!”
    Hope to see you and your adorable family in person very soon. 🙂