Tiny Dancer

Cate, during one of her first ballet lessons, 2010

Perhaps you have heard me grumble about my daughter’s ballet performance being on Derby Day.

Perhaps you have seen me complain on twitter about the 3 hour long dress rehearsals.

Or perhaps you have heard me make fun of other moms who spend copious amounts of time and money on their daughter’s dance lessons.

Ridiculous. She is only five.

But then, from the moment I knew she was a she, I planned for her to take ballet. (I never had the opportunity, and it was something I always wanted to do)

At her first ballet class last year (barely 4 years old), she proved to be a very serious student. Her teacher complimented her poise, grace and ability to focus. I was proud.

Cate shows off her first face of makeup before heading backstage at the Opera House.

And now her first performance. Rapunzel. We had two dress rehearsals, the last on Thursday (that’s where I took the video clip of her group practicing that you see below).

And this morning she put on makeup for the first time and I sprayed her hair with a gallon of hairspray.

She played a rampion (turnip) in the Enchanted Garden. A very serious, perfect, sweet and beautiful rampion.

And I must admit, I never thought I’d enjoy watching my child play a vegetable on stage as much as I did.

But then, I also never thought I’d have a tiny dancer.

Cate poses in her Rampion costume, immediately following the performance today.

A shot of all the rampions practicing at the dress rehearsal. Best I could do from my phone. Video posted on Facebook.

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