If you follow me on Twitter, then much of this will be repeat information from earlier today. If you don’t follow me on Twitter, then—first of all, why the hell not? And secondly, this will possibly be entertaining. I’m only guessing, based on the number of responses it prompted on Twitter this morning.

It all started when I arrived at work on “SeeBlue” day wearing green. I’m super organized like that.

So there I was, hanging at my desk, nonchalantly perusing my Twitter feed, wondering why everyone else was wearing blue, when my boss asked me to head out on campus to take photos Move-In Day. Through Twitter I was able to ascertain where the entire Football team would be at 8:45 a.m. So I grabbed the camera and headed out to stalk them.

It wasn’t until the moment that the university president’s hand closed over mine in a firm handshake that I realized I was the only UK employee within 20 miles NOT wearing blue. He made a little joke about it, but I was mortified. I quickly remedied the situation by finding an official blue “Move-In Staff” t-shirt, which I put over all of my clothes. It was my misfortune that I could only acquire a men’s large t-shirt and that I also happened to be wearing a very fluffy skirt.

So now everything is just peachy, and I’m cruising around taking photos and video of the band and the football players and the new president. Fun stuff.

Then, at some point I tweeted this:

“When I have my photo taken with a local celebrity, I try to: a) wear something frumpy & b) close my eyes in the photo. What’s your strategy?”

Which, may seem unrelated to the rest of my story, unless you pair it with this:

Take a good look. Zoom in if you need to. It’s okay to laugh. Everyone does. Perhaps not as loudly as Kelly, our intern, but everyone does laugh.

And yes, I also tweeted the photo to all my Twitter followers.

Should I just go ahead and make that picture my Facebook profile pic? I mean, I’d crop out Coach Phillips, of course.


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2 responses to “Photogenic

  1. Renee

    I don’t know what to say! Love your heart and your honesty.:)

  2. Joker is totally laughing at you!