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When I was little, I was the publisher of a little known newspaper called the Holman Herald. Each week I would interview the other members of my family about what was going on in our household, and then hand write the articles. And yes, I even drew the pictures. I even hand copied duplicates of the newspaper in case there was a high demand for a particular issue. This went on for about a month, mostly because I had a short attention span, and readership was not all that great.

It seems that because of my dominant nerd genes, we have been blessed with a child who now makes it his weekly business to produce his own family news.

But, as with all things TP does, he could not be satisfied with hand copying fake news articles onto notebook paper. No, my son produces Powerpoint “news broadcasts” on the good ole Mac. Every Sunday we are all called into my office to sit and enjoy the latest Cat T News. These presentations are complete with background music, visuals, and voice over segments where we receive the weekly happenings of the Noll household. Examples might be that we’re celebrating someone’s birthday, or that everyone cleaned their room. Always, there is a weather report, although it tends to be rather vague and dated. You get the idea: we’re talking BIG, breaking news here.

Also included are an exercise segment called “Get Up and Move” where the entire captive audience (and I do mean captive, because if we get up and leave he will cry, so we are pretty much stuck) has to stand up and do jumping jacks or otherwise silly dancing until that part of the news is over. My personal favorite part of the Cat T News (Cat because my son thinks Cats secretly rule the world and T for his own name), is the rolling credits at the end of each episode. The credits, set to their own special elevator music, go something like this:

Thank you for watching Cat T News. 

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Cat Club


Cats for America

I think you get the point. He’s just slightly obsessed with cats. It’s all good. I’m only a little concerned that he will grow up to be one of those people who live alone with 50 cats…

Until then, I’m looking for other ways the kids might be taking after me. Ways that might be more useful, and, you know, slightly less strange.

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  1. How awesome! Being a fellow nerd, I love the idea of a family news broadcast and kudos to him for including the Get Up and Move segment. 🙂