How NOT to parent: step 1

Confession: I let Cate stay home from school today so she can entertain Henry for me. Okay, that’s not the only reason, but it was a big part of why I let her stay home.

See, Henry’s on day three at home with strep, and it’s that final day where he’s really only home until he’s no longer contagious, but he feels completely fine. You know how it is–he’s running around my house but he has to be “fever free” for 24 hours before he can go back. Sigh. Three days is a loooonnnnngggg time.

Yesterday, even with a high fever and headache, he insisted on laying on my office floor and talking nonstop while I tried to work. I love the little guy, and believe me I know he gets it from me, but I just couldn’t face another day trying to write with constant interruptions from my new best friend.

Now, I’m not such a horrible mother that I would recruit Cate to babysit him all day without another valid reason for keeping her home. Well, maybe valid is stretching it…

So Cate has her first loose tooth, and it’s been about ready to fall out since Halloween. I’m not even kidding. At her last visit to the dentist in December, he strongly advised her to wiggle it on out of there and make room for the next tooth. So far she has declined. Yesterday things came to a major crossroads when she discovered she can no longer eat without the tooth moving dangerously from side to side. I mean, it’s hanging by a thread. So naturally, she’s afraid to move her mouth at all. She seriously won’t talk or eat, and until John and I freaked out on  her, she wouldn’t even swallow her own spit. (She was letting it run down her face, and then mopping it up with a tissue! She’s SIX! In my book that is only acceptable behavior if you are under one year old or over 90)

I don’t really understand all the drama. My boys never had these loose tooth issues. They would just announce they had a loose tooth, reach in a few days later and yank it out, then proudly display it for all to admire. So while I’m trying to be sympathetic…oh, okay, I’m not even trying. She will most likely need therapy from all the sarcastic remarks I’ve made.

So there you go. Today is really a win/win for everyone. Henry is happy to have his “real” best friend snuggled on the couch with him watching cartoons. I’m happy because I see an entire day of productive (and quiet) writing time ahead of me. And Cate, well, she’s happy to be missing her first day EVER off from school, but I don’t think she’s too happy about my threat to call the dentist if that tooth doesn’t come out by the end of the day.

And there you have it: lazy parenting at it’s finest. Don’t worry–there are more great parenting techniques where this one came from.

And now, a few photos of my “babies”

H & C: Snuggling together since 2005.

This seemed like such a nightmare at the time, but dang they were cute as babies together!

Taking photos of them sleeping never gets old.

I think this one sums it up perfectly. Inseparable.

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