Life is Happening

So we need slip covers to go over our new couches. I know, I know–enough about the couches.

But I mention this because I was thinking I need to make a trip to the fabric store, in order to make the slip covers. And I looked at my calendar and realized that the first conceivable free moment I had this week to make a trip to the fabric store is sometime Thursday afternoon. And that’s just maybe.

Sometimes it’s easy for me to get sucked into my calendar and all the places it insists I must go and the things it demands I must do. Last week was crazy and I was feeling pretty sorry for myself and my big, terrible schedule. To recap, briefly: In addition to regular work deadlines and family stuff, Henry was sick with a mysterious fever & home for 4 days, Thomas was stressed out over the science fair & took it out on all of us, and Cate was perpetually worried her eyeball was about to fall out, which, I mean–WTF.

This morning I got all the kids off to school (Cate’s eyeball hanging on by a metaphorical thread) and after a few writing projects, I set out to find some tax documents in the file cabinet.  The documents are nowhere to be found, but instead I found this list I made on a random day in 2005. I have no idea why I made this list–I’m sure it was written in a moment of supreme self pity–but it sure came in handy today.

Let me set the stage: When I wrote this list, Thomas had just turned 3, Henry was a few months old, and I was in the debilitating early stages of pregnancy with Cate. Here is a day in my life:

“7:30 am

Thomas up, fix his breakfast, clean up kitchen, make beds, etc.

8:30 am

Henry up, change diaper, feed him bottle, put laundry in dryer, both boys into bathtub, get boys dressed

10 am

Henry nap, I take shower, clean up bedroom

10:30 am

fold clothes in dryer, clean up Thomas’ pee pee accident, get out play dough, play with Thomas

11:00 am

dry my hair, empty dishwasher, scrub dried food off chairs, hold Henry crying


Feed Henry, mop kitchen floor


Change Henry dirty diaper, while changing it Thomas dumps mop bucket full of water all over living room on hardwood floors

12:30 pm

Thomas uses potty, we play puzzles together as reward


I eat. Henry in swing, Thomas playing


clean bathroom


Thomas goes potty, half in potty, half out

re-clean bathroom floor

Clean up Den


Feed Henry bottle

Read 6 books to Thomas

Rock Henry to sleep

Fix snack for Thomas

write this list

4 pm

Did not accomplish anything on my list and I’m exhausted”

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in what’s not getting crossed off our to-do list, and what’s not getting accomplished on our calendar. I’m no more or less busy than I was on that random winter day in 2005. But when I look back at this list I do not see a wasted day–I see all the great moments I had with my boys. The truth is, just as it is in that list I made, lots of things are getting done; lots of things are being accomplished. They just aren’t always the things we had in mind.

Life is happening. Live in the moment. 


January 2005: Playing in laundry basket.

January 2005. I had forgotten this game: Kitchen Train. Always a good time on a cold afternoon.


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3 responses to “Life is Happening

  1. Linda

    Good reminder. “This is it.”

  2. Natalie

    So true! I’ve started the new habit of making an “accomplished” list along with my to do list, just to remind myself that all the little things that keep me from finishing the to do’s are more important that the laundry I didn’t fold or spelling tests I didn’t grade.