Fake Disney

Previously I explained how, in our family, “Spring Break” is synonymous with “Disney.” If you missed it, and that bothers you, read it here.

But sadly, this year, Spring Break falls the same week as Easter, which means Disney is too crowded and too expensive. As is usually the case, John and I are more disappointed about this than the kids. Crazy, right? We have no idea what is wrong with them.

So last night at dinner we were talking about what we could do over Spring Break, if we stay closer to home. John jokingly suggested that we try to make our week as Disney-like as possible and then all the kids chimed in on how we could re-create a Disney atmosphere. We call it: Fake Disney.

Here’s how Fake Disney might work:

To start, all the kids will need to pack a suitcase and move into our bedroom. We’ll want to re-create the family bonding that comes of living all together in one room for an entire week.

Next, we’ll stream Disney music on Pandora throughout our house. Oh, who am I kidding—we already do that!

John says that a good walk in Chevy Chase with some iced coffee from Starbucks will give him the same euphoric feeling that walking down Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom might, so we’ll make that part of our daily routine. Thomas concurs.

I suggested we put the kids in the wagon and push it pell-mell down a large hill, to simulate Big Thunder Mountain. In this case, Fake Disney will actually be better than real Disney, because Big Thunder Mountain is currently closed for renovations. No one else really went for my idea.

Then Thomas came up with the brilliant idea that we visit a nearby zoo, where we can pretend that we are spending the day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Thomas is smart like that.

In order to bring Epcot into our Fake Disney experience, we’d eat dinner at a different ethnic restaurant every night. We are still not clear on how to get them to accept our Fake Disney Dining Plan, but I’ll keep you posted.

Finally, on the last day of Fake Disney, we’ll all head over to Fayette Mall and shop for souvenirs at the Disney Store.

Ideas for how to add “It’s a Small World” and “Carousel of Progress” to the Fake Disney experience are still in the planning stages.

And don’t worry, when we get back from Fake Disney, I’ll post a bunch of photos to Facebook, so you can all see how much fun we had on our trip.

….You know, I have a feeling after this Spring Break the kids will no longer be laughing behind our backs when John and I profess our love of Disney.


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2 responses to “Fake Disney

  1. Renee

    When walking down main street, stop by to get your pictures taken with the Princesses on Chenault. Depending on the time of your walk you may find Sleepy & or Grouchy!! 🙂