Hunger Games

Apparently I am a 14-year-old girl.

It’s true, because I have a mad crush on Peeta Mellark.

I’ll pause now while every one who has read the Hunger Games trilogy laughs out loud.

If you haven’t read it–a brief explanation: Peeta is a FICTIONAL character in the books. And even if he were real, he’s a 17-year-old boy living in the future. So, really, you can get an idea of how ridiculous it is that I can’t stop thinking about him.

Well, maybe that’s taking it a little far. It’s like this: I was late to the party with the whole Hunger Games thing. I heard other people talking about it, but I held back, mostly because I thought it might be like the Twilight series, which I thought was completely stupid. Then the Hunger Games movie came out, and after I saw the previews, I decided I might read the first book so I could at least see the movie when it comes to rental.

I liked the first book–a lot. But it wasn’t until I was bored one night and downloaded the second book onto Kindle that things started to get crazy. I LOVED the second book, and moved on to the third. In less than 5 days after I started the first book, I had finished all three books. I did this while working on deadlines and taking care of my family. It was that good. (Who are we kidding–I ignored them all and possibly called John “Peeta” a few times while he folded laundry or washed the dishes as I sat idly reading).

The truth is, now that I’m well into the second book again, I’ve figured out why I’m so drawn to Peeta. (yes, I just admitted that. I am re-reading the trilogy. I cringed last night when John asked me what I was reading and I had to tell him. After that I figured I may as well come out in the open with it. He’s down with the whole thing, or pretending to be. I’m sure he feels much safer, seeing as I’m after someone who’s not only PRETEND but also could be my child in real life. And also now that he realizes I’m insane.)

But the thing is, the whole appeal of this character is that he reminds me of another 17-year-old boy. One who was funny, honest, and kind. One that I have a MAD crush on, and was lucky enough to marry. It’s true: I live with the real life version of Peeta.

So, see, it’s not entirely crazy after all. The reason I loved these books so much–love the entire story–is that it brings back such good memories for me, of being young and desperately in love, and even separated (in college), but determined to be together because it was the only thing that made sense to either of us.

It’s true that we did not have to fight for our lives in an arena, and that we have never been national celebrities in danger of assassination, but if you take out all of that and just look at the fact that they are desperate to be there for each other, really to die for each other–I can totally relate to all of that (the dying part has not yet presented itself and hopefully will not). Also, I can shoot a bow and arrow (really, I’m pretty good). But that’s pretty much where the similarities end.

So there you have it. My public confession. The real desperate housewives. Quick, someone suggest a new young adult series I can become obsessed with. I’m going to need it to get Peeta off my mind…


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2 responses to “Hunger Games

  1. I read the 3 books in 3 days without regard for my sanity, sleep, hygienic, or nutritional needs. I will admit (with great shame) that I am currently riveted by the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy, even though the sex stuff really doesn’t do it for me and the writing is less than stellar. I’m a complete addict.

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