HG Addendum

Sometimes I see something online and it’s like the author is speaking directly to me. 

Take for example, this: 


by Kate Spencer

“You finished the entire Hunger Games trilogy in just 48 hours, existing only on Chinese take-out and your Peeta-loving tears. Congratulations! But now you’re stuck in a post-THG depression, craving more dark, dystopian young adult fiction. Maybe you’re even feeling a little embarrassed about this new desire. After all, you’re a high-functioning, stable and successful adult with great hair and a casual but cool wardrobe*. Is it normal to want to read about angst-y teens fighting oppressive future-governments while making out with each other? The answer is YES and I am here to drag you out of the darkness and into the arms of a whole new pile of thick books with giant fonts written for people half your age. Let’s read!”

[Since I “borrowed” this, I’m supplying the link: http://hellogiggles.com/what-to-read-now-that-you’ve-finished-the-hunger-games]

Really. I think this author read my mind. In light of my recent sob-fest over Peeta (and let’s face it, I adore Katniss, too. She’s slightly too aloof for my taste, but she’s such a badass), I need something to take my mind off everything. My friend from Twitter, Cara, is a Librarian and sent me several suggestions (thanks Cara!) and the author of the above piece recommends several books for overcoming post hunger games depression, including Divergent by Veronica Roth, which I plan to check out right away. 

Just wanted to share, so you would all know I’m getting help. Everyone just calm down. I’m not running away to Panem. I can’t get my hands on a hovercraft anyway. 

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  1. H

    I loved Divergent, gave it 5 stars! You won’t be disappointed. I’m team Gale as even the movie character actually looks like my husband when we met!