So I logged on to my WordPress site to say something about how long it’s been since I wrote a blog, and to assure the 1 or 2 of you who care that I have not dropped off the face of the earth. And lo and behold I see that WordPress has changed its entire look while I’ve been gone. I mean, I know I was a blogging slacker, but has it been that long? You probably can’t tell, but it looks different from my dashboard here.  Oh well.

So, I don’t really have anything clever to say. Just that the reason I haven’t blogged is because sometimes after I ruminate over bladder infections and whether or not patients are at risk for osteoporosis, I am just all tapped out of interesting and funny things to say. And it’s not just because I am busy convincing myself I have whatever disorder I happen to be writing about that day.

Anyway, I also recently took on a major website project–my largest project to date, and I’m very excited and busy doing nerdy things like making a binder to track all of the service lines. Of course, after accepting the project, it seemed like the best time to sign up to chair a PTA committee. I make sense like that all the time.

But hey, I’m not complaining. Because then I’d be like those people I hide on Facebook, because they sign up for a million activities and then complain that they are swamped. I do at least understand what having a choice means.

Which leads me to the best reason I am swamped right now:  we are leaving on vacation to Disney (I know, we are ridiculous) in 2 weeks. Brace yourself for the recap blog now, because we will be there for a whole week, and you know my weakness for Disney.

PLUS since I flaked out and didn’t buy the airline tickets before they went up to $1,0000,00000 per person and require 6 plane changes,  we are driving. Yes, all 5 of us in the car for 13 hours. It will be like a science experiment on mental breakdowns OR like an episode from a reality show. Or both. Don’t worry–I’ll take notes, photos and video. And a flask.

Also, to continue with the ridiculousness, I am forcing my family to stop in Atlanta on the way home so that I can stalk the cast of Catching Fire, which is filming there right now. Don’t for a second think I haven’t already mapped out all possible filming locations, plus the actors’ favorite restaurants where we might catch a glimpse. I follow all the tributes on Twitter, and one of them (Maria Howell, or Seeder, for those who are versed in HG speak) is even following me back! I can sense your jealousy.

So there you have it. So much excitement on the horizon. And the prospect that you will be wishing I lost the password to my WordPress blog in about 2 weeks, when I come back to talk ad nauseum about my two favorite subjects. Just remember, reading this nonsense, just like life, is a choice.


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  1. Have a fun trip! I predict a car of many smells. At least that’s what we have when we drive to Orlando.