Things I learned this weekend

1) I get migraine headaches when I eat take-out Chinese food.

I’m not sure how many more Saturdays I need to spend in complete agony before I stop eating Chinese food on Friday nights, but I think I’d be better off just putting hot pokers through my eyes next time and saving myself the calories.

2) Grey hooded sweatshirts remind John of his Dad. 

How is that not hot?

I lost my favorite hoodie (the one that matches my favorite sweat pants) at Field Day last May. So on our fun family trip to Walmart this weekend (read: shoot me now. I hate shopping and I hate Walmart), I decided to buy a new hoodie for our upcoming trip. Yes, it will be 85 degrees at Disney, but I have issues with being even the slightest bit cold. As in, I can’t tolerate it.

I picked out an adorable grey hoodie (I pictured myself as Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby), only to have John tell me that I looked like his Dad. And no offense to Herb Noll, but that’s just not the look I’m going for these days. So I swapped for a nice (dorky) blue hoodie.

3) If you throw away your luggage….you have no luggage. 

So it’s time to start thinking about packing for our trip which happens in THREE days!!! Step 1: find the luggage. Except….after our trip to Hilton Head this summer, we threw away all of our luggage. Let’s just say we felt like it might be compromised. So now we are exploring several options, including packing in grocery bags, packing in plastic bins or perhaps just throwing all the clothes into our trunk in a big heap. What? You mean we can purchase new luggage? That seems much too simple. Refer back to the blog where I explain why we don’t have a microwave.

4) Finally, and this is really the best thing I learned this weekend: there is a website called Bad Lip Reading.

Up until now I had worried that my celebrity stalking might just be a waste of time (never!), but the discovery of this site (via my favorite movie star) has proven its worth. You will laugh so hard you will cry. And everyone knows that just feels awesome.

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