Disney: the dream

Let’s make this one a photo post. I already put an album on Facebook, but here are some extra shots of the most magical vacation on earth:

Gansta Thomas, having fun with glow in the dark bracelets ($1 at Target, fyi) Despite the anxious moments, Thomas really enjoyed himself and I loved that I could send the kids on rides without us this time, or let him hang behind if he didn’t want to ride.

No crowds in the mornings, so we rode our favorites over and over. Also fun, riding with only one child if no one else wanted to do a ride again. One of my best memories is when Henry and I did Mission to Space together, because no one else wanted to go. We were very serious pilot and navigator and had a blast. Here are Cate and I on Dumbo, although I think this was an evening shot.

Morning also turned out to be an excellent time to take a “safari.” So many animals out and up close. Here is our friend the Rhino. The kids really enjoyed this and we saw more animals than ever before.

One of our favorites is the Indiana Jones Stunt Show. I was impressed with my photography on this action shot. (with my iPhone!)

And of course, the best part of the day: pool and beer time. This was my view every afternoon from lunch until dinner. ahhhh how I miss it! Thanks Kevin & Natalie for texting us that you are sitting there RIGHT NOW. jealous!

Our favorite spot in the Magic Kingdom is this little corner off of main street where you can sit and listen to music and hear “singing lessons” being given in an upstairs apartment (totally fake, but hilarious). It’s always quiet and relaxing there, but you can view all the fun on main street and just chill. Also there is a glass blower in one of the shops and you can watch him create a vase from scratch. Very cool and one of the kids’ favorites.

Henry sums up the fun of our trip with his enthusiasm on the carousel. We had thought this might be our last trip for a while, since the kids are getting older, but being there confirmed that we will definitely go back soon!

And then I took this one when no one was expecting it. ha ha ha Of course Henry is still smiling. Fireworks on our last night. Good times.

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