Reverse Psychology

Alternate title: How to Make a Crazy Person Happy

So this year, instead of making New Year’s resolutions, I made 2013 goals. And instead of putting things on there like “lose 10 pounds” or “save the world” I decided to just put things I would like to do. Here’s a sampling:

1) Be an extra in a movie

2) Go to Hollywood

3) Touch the Pacific Ocean

4) write a screenplay and win an Oscar

5) etc.

So they’re pretty self-serving goals, obviously.

Now, let’s switch gears. I promise this will all circle back eventually…

So I think you are all aware of my obsession issues. If not, allow me to provide you a timeline of my current obsession:

March 2012: See commercial for upcoming film The Hunger Games (THG). Think to myself, “hmmm, I should read that book before the movie comes out. People say it’s really good.” Oh the innocence.

April 4-7: ignore all clients, housework, children and need for shower while I read the entire THG trilogy in one sitting (close to it). Amazed by all the underlying themes of the book and jealous of Suzanne Collins for being a kick-ass writer.

Later in April: Decide to read entire trilogy again. Upon second reading, fall madly in love with a fictional character. (yessssss, Peeta.) Write a blog about it.

Sometime in May: Finally see THG movie in theatre. Begin to research the actors playing key roles. Officially obsessed with all things related.

June: See Josh Hutcherson (actor who plays Peeta) interview on Good Morning America and develop a massive crush, despite a) being married to a much sexier man and b)being old enough to be his mother. Ashamed of this, but for some reason it doesn’t stop me from telling everyone within 5 feet of me.

All summer: watch any movie containing actors from THG, follow actors on Twitter, FB, etc. Basically revert to age 14. Download trilogy to iphone and re-read it again at the pool. Possibly more than once. (How has a doctor NOT diagnosed me with OCD? This is the real question.)

August: Purchase not one, but TWO copies of THG movie on dvd, because each dvd comes with different “bonus features” and I want both. (are you getting the crazy now? are you fully understanding the issues?)

October: Stalk Catching Fire set, as documented on this blog. despite being crazy, continue with normal life.

November: discover social media site Tumblr. (Don’t even try to find me there. It’s my safe place and you don’t even want to know. It’s like Vegas) Discovery of Tumblr results in moving from huge crush on aforementioned very young actor into all out fascination with everything in the movie industry and Hollywood lifestyle.

December: Continue constant discussion with John about movie making, script writing and all things related. Begin giving John daily updates from the Catching Fire film set, which he politely pretends to enjoy. Best Christmas gift is Katniss and Peeta action figures. Obviously John is listening.

January: Make above declarations of 2013 goals. (I told you I’d circle back)

At this point, I’m pretty sure John should have just thrown up his hands and invested in a nice pair of noise canceling headphones. But no. As I’ve declared here many times before, this man is awesome and he is clearly perfect for me because John responded to my 2013 goals and my constant chatter about all things Hollywood by planning to take me TO Hollywood.

Yes. You read that correctly. For 4 days and nights, I will be staying in a swanky West Hollywood hotel, driving around with a gorgeous man (to be clear: John) in a convertible, and basically soaking up the Southern California sun and all things Hollywood.

I.Can’t.Contain.My.Excitement! I also can’t help but think maybe he’s just a genius and is using some form of reverse psychology to stun me into silence.

And yeah, I totally understand that I’m probably not going to realize my goal of  being a movie extra. maybe. we’ll see. But I’m already making plans to write that screenplay.


My view in ten weeks.


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