Easter Dress: Take 3

I’m seriously thinking about adding a new line to my resume explaining my above average proficiency in procrastination. I mean, I’m not trying to brag, but I excel at it.

You might think that since I have been planning a trip to California for the last 12 weeks, I would have had ample time to prepare. Oh, I did. I mean, I bought plane tickets, bought myself some new clothes, obsessively checked the long-term weather forecast–all the important stuff. I even remembered to buy candy for the Easter bunny to put in the kids’ baskets. And then I ate most of it and had to go back for more.

In the back of my head I knew that I should get together the kids’ Easter clothes. They’re going to be with John’s parents for Easter, but they still need something nice to wear to Mass. Luckily Angie had given me a size 8 pink Easter dress for Cate to wear. It had a slight stain down one side, and I knew I needed to clean it and have Cate try it on just to be sure it fit. I was also pretty sure both of the boys had pants and dress shirts to wear. Possibly shoes were an issue. John’s Mom would want them in proper church shoes. At any rate, I was sure I had it all under control.

Easter Dress: Take One

Okay, so Tuesday morning I decide to toss the pink dress into the wash. Of course I didn’t bother to check the label. Of course it was silk and dry clean only. The dress came out a disaster. Ruined.

That’s alright. I can buy another one and just give it to Angie when we’re finished with it. Either way she’ll have a size 8 Easter dress when she needs it.

Easter Dress: Take Two

So Cate and I headed out shopping Tuesday night. We went to a second-hand shop that sells boutique children’s clothing that I would never be able to afford full price. And we quickly picked out a white dress with pretty smocking at the top.

When we got home John laughed at the dress. “What?” I said. And only then did I notice the problem. It was a Christmas dress. The smocking was red berries with green holly leaves. All along the neckline. It looked so lovely with the matching red sweater I bought to go with it. I had envisioned a group photo with Henry wearing his green sweater and Thomas in that nice red plaid shirt. Seriously. How did that not scream Deck the Halls to me?

Blame it on the fact that it was snowing all day. In March.

Easter Dress: Take Three

Finding out that I had purchased a Christmas dress for my daughter to wear to Easter mass was sort of the tipping point, I guess. Suddenly, with only 3 days before I leave town, I realized I really was not on top of this Easter clothing issue AT ALL.

I took a few minutes this morning to do inventory. I discovered that Thomas’ last pair of dress shoes are even too small for Henry. Okay, so new shoes are a must. And then, as if to add insult to injury, Thomas comes down for school dressed in his new khaki pants and they are falling off of him, even with the adjustable waist at the very smallest setting. What on earth? So now we need new pants, too?

Later, when he had left for school, I found the pants laying on his bed and I examined them closely. And I kid you not: I had bought the poor kid “Husky” pants on accident, instead of slim fit. No wonder he looked like an OmpaLoompa in them. New pants added to the list.

Easter Dress: Take Three

So tonight we all trekked back to the mall. Everyone was real excited about it, let me tell you. But you know what? We found new pants, new shoes and even a discounted size 8 Easter dress with big pink Spring flowers all over it.

Now….I wonder if my boys have dress shirts that fit them…..eh, there’s plenty of time to find them.

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