Lately I’ve been nailing this adult responsibility thing. True, sometimes it takes me a little longer than it should.

Like last month when I stared at a magazine deadline for three weeks, agonizing over when to actually write the article, then finally sat down Monday morning and wrote it in less than 20 minutes. Nailed it.

Even more impressive was the decision to stay home over Spring Break and do home improvement projects instead of taking off to Disney to sit poolside soaking up mickey mouse magic. First, we (okay, just John) took out the toilet in the kids’ bathroom. There in the pipe that leads from the floor to who knows where, we discovered a large clog of calcium deposits (translation: unflushed little boy urine) that helpfully explained why that end of the hall smells like a gas station bathroom. The brand new toilet and completely cleaned out pipe are so glorious that it took several days for us to stop cheering every time one of the kids flushed the toilet. We were also cheering because they finally learned to flush.

Next, we decided that three years is just 2 years and 360 days too long to live without a microwave. Remember that time ours died and we decided to just become pioneers? Well, lately I’ve been finding myself trying to make friends with people solely based on the daytime availability of their microwave—you know, in case I need to reheat a cup of tea or make a baked potato–so we thought it was time to replace ours. I’m just kidding: the only real use for a microwave is the little light under it.

Anyway, It was going pretty well, with me, John, Thomas and Henry all heaving the 200 pound (rough, completely made up estimate) box into the slot above the stove. Well, actually first we had to take out the old one, which resulted in the Hulk and I ripping out half the drywall. THEN we had to read the 800 page instruction manual, written in ancient Sanscrit, to figure out how to install the metal holding frame. THEN we called in the kids to help us lift it into place. THEN we discovered that we had missed a step in the instruction manual, probably when we were taking a much needed nap while reading it, and we had to uninstall the microwave, make an adjustment and then re-install it again. Everyone was really overjoyed during this entire process.

After that we took a few days off to just stare at the walls and do shots. Then on Friday morning, John installed hardwood floors in the pantry, which has been on our to-do list for about, oh, eternity.

So yeah, next year we’re totally going away for Spring Break. All this adulting already has me twitching to do something rebellious and we all know how that usually ends.

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