Mystery Science Theatre


I’m just going to jump right into this one….

You know how I excel at making awkward and unnecessary comments? If you don’t, then you’ve never had an actual conversation with me.

So remember that time in December when I couldn’t swallow? And then the nice doctor did an endoscopy and I went back to my steady diet of butter, cheese and bourbon (not necessarily in that order). I was fairly impressed with the effect of the drugs they used to sedate me during the procedure. I told John about the amazing “puppet show” that I watched, seemingly in my imagination, while the doctor worked. I mean, this was a very intense and entertaining puppet show. I wondered if it was common to have so much fun under sedation. Or am I just weird? And why a puppet show of all things?

Well, today was my check up with the throat doctor (technically a gastroenterologist, but who wants to say that?). And after I assured him that I was eating normally and he assured me that all is well, I could not resist the urge to ask him about the mystery puppet show.

I suppose I could have hedged into it casually, but that’s not really my style. Instead I blurted out: “I watched the most amazing puppet show during the endoscopy. Where can I get those meds illegally? Just kidding. ha ha ha”

And I suppose he could have answered any number of things, including, “Get out of my office crazy person,” but I was not at all prepared for his actual answer which was, “You remember that?! We did watch a puppet show!”

Because apparently just about the time they started dosing my IV with the sedation meds, I had already made best friends forever with the doctor and nurse and we were casually sharing YouTube videos of funny things we had found on the internet. And apparently one of those things was a puppet show.

“I thought I imagined the entire thing!” I told my doctor this morning.

“You probably just dreamed about it while you were sedated, since that was the last thing on your mind,” he explained.

Well that makes perfect sense. Mystery solved. Oh but wait, if I was busy yucking it up with the doctor and nurse over YouTube videos, what other crazy things did I say or do in the surgery room? I had to ask…

“Don’t worry,” he said, “It’s like Vegas. What you say in there, stays in there.”

No worries indeed. I know all too well my limited brain to mouth filter. It was a little harder to look him in the eye after that….

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